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Case - Locate Unit on Floor Plan - overview

New functionality: Locate the case on your floor Plan

It would be great if I could pinpoint exactly WHERE the problem is on the floor plan of my property! We’ve heard that from many users, and we’ve heard you loud and clear! We will add this new functionality in our early Aug 2019 release! You don’t have to go into long and detailed explanations to explain WHERE the problem is anymore. Locate the case on your floor plan: If you have added a floor plan to your unit, then you will have the

Release of Case – fba4af1

We have just released version fba4af1 of Unee-t Case. Please note that this is still a PILOT/Alpha version. Create or edit more fields in the Mobile version: Case title Solution Next Step Screen with Next Step and Solution New Login Page: Update look and feel of the login page. Add capability for an existing user to reset his/her password Case Login Page Menu options: Enable User log out Add a link to create a support case. Add a link to the support forum. Add a link to the documentation/knowledge base. menu_items


Unee-T will be at MTEC 2018 in San Francisco

On March 7th and 8th, 2018, Unee-T will be at MTEC 2018 in San Francisco – California. MTEC_2018_logo_500x250 MTEC is the brain child of Steve Lefkovits and the Joshua Tree Conference Group. It will be the first event for Unee-T. It is the perfect place for us to showcase Unee-T to the world: MTEC attendees are CEOs, private equity investors and strategic customers of growth-oriented startups in the apartment sector in the US. We are looking forward to