OxfordCaps chooses Unee-T to manage cases in their units!

//OxfordCaps chooses Unee-T to manage cases in their units!

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OxfordCaps is an online marketplace for booking student accommodation with thousands of verified properties. OxfordCaps is building a community to help students connect and interact with other students, help them find roommates, and choose their home from hundreds of verified listings. They were backed up by 500 Startup and ReadyVentures  in December 2017, and are currently operating out of Singapore. They have ambitious plans to expand their operation in South East Asia in the coming months.

They operate many units and were faced with a familiar challenge: inefficient communication when something needs to be done in one of their units, leading to loss of valuable information. They were spending a lot of time and effort to coordinate their operations.

As per Rosz Kamin, Head of Operations for OxfordCaps, one of the most interesting features of Unee-T for them is the capability to have a ‘Control Tower’, the Unee-T dashboard, to be able to know what’s happening and what needs to be done in all their units, at any time. She sees the capability to filter and search cases by units, or type of issues as a key element to greatly improve how they plan and execute onsite interventions.

The mobile interface for Unee-T was also one of the key things that made Unee-T the right solution for them: it’s extremely fast and easy for someone on site to capture all the information they need, including pictures. They just have to flip out their phone, create a case and it show up in real time in the Unee-T dashboard.

Here at Unee-T we’re thrilled to have them on board!

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